Diploma in French Studies presented in four grades.

Images FRENCH Language

Beginner and Elementary:

Complete beginner with little or no ability in the language. Learners develop a basic command of the language in a limited range of simple routine situations. Also, the learner can understand and communicate in routine social and work situations and can follow the general meaning of a conversation about familiar topics.

Pre- Intermediate and Intermediate

The learner can re-fashion, combine and put into practice learned material to meet immediate communication needs in a variety of familiar situations and communicate competently and comfortably in more complex situations. The learner is more comfortable in conversations and can communicate ideas using a variety of vocabulary.

Upper Intermediate and Intermediate -Plus:

The learner has high level of fluency in a wide range of demanding and unpredictable situations. Can communicate comfortably in most subjects face to face as well as over the telephone and other higher means of verbal and written communication.


Full command of French language with fluent, appropriate and well-organized oral and written communication.